Near Infrared Sauna

It is a powerful, comfortable, safe and very effective way to detoxify and tone the entire body! Near infrared sauna helps to remove toxic metals, toxic chemicals, and many chronic infections. It also relaxes the nervous system, dramatically improves circulation, hydration and oxygenation, gently tones the muscles, and has many other subtle benefits as well.

Relax in our new near-infrared sauna

Benefits include:

  • Pain relief
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Stress reduction and mood elevation
  • Beautifies the skin and diminishes cellulite

Infrared penetrates the skin, adding another dimension to the sauna experience and enhancing detoxification. They also operate at much cooler temperatures than traditional saunas, so they are more comfortable for some people. Near infrared light saunas have many advantages over far infrared saunas including:

  • They use reddish infrared heat lamps as their heat source. They have a better frequency range.
  • The sauna operates at a lower temperature, so it is more comfortable, requires less pre-heating that saves time, and they use about 30% less electricity than a far infrared unit.
  • The rays penetrate the skin about twice as deeply as a far infrared sauna because the power source is concentrated on one wall (like Nourishing Wellness’s)
  • They do not emit additional harmful electromagnetic fields
  • They are also the only type in which you can easily focus the infrared rays on a part of the body such as the sinuses, the liver, a shoulder or elsewhere
  • Rotating every few minutes moves the blood around the body even more

When beginning to incorporate near infrared sauna, don’t overdo the length of session or number of sessions.

Near infrared sauna available at Nourishing Wellness!

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