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to identify the root causes of your health issues and begin your journey to wellness, resilience, and vibrant health. Sara is a registered nurse, holds certificates in nutritional counseling and emotional empowerment FEEL process–advanced level. She is also GAPs certified, educated in nutrition response testing–professional level, and continues to pursue continuing education courses.

Member: Weston A. Price-Local Chapter
Member: Price-Pottinger Nutrition Foundation

Sara pursued a career in cardiac nursing as she always enjoyed helping other people feel better. Her nursing career included bedside care, Rehab, Operating Room, Open Heart to the Cardiac Cath Lab and finally education in Cardiac Cath Lab, IR and Cardiovascular Services.

But Sara was frustrated with the lack of education to empower a patient’s accountability for one’s own health and wellbeing. Her nursing experience was more about patching the symptoms and health issues to “get by,” while never getting to the underlying reason or root cause, or how to prevent or

reverse the issues in a more holistic, natural way.

It was through her own chronic health issues including an autoimmune disorder that she discovered how the right nutrition, whole-food supplements, stress relief, lifestyle modifications, and emotional empowerment, can both improve and maintain a person’s health. Her expertise in healing the body through nutrition and care is what she now shares with her clients.

"My energy level has increased, my overall health has improved drastically, and I feel better than I have in years. I have learned so much about functional wellness and the healing properties of food. This program is amazing, and it has truly changed my life."

Laura L.

Visits and fees:

After your free 15-minute phone consultation, you can choose to schedule your first appointment which is our “Let’s Talk” consultation for $225. This consultation includes:

  • A 60-minute initial consultation opportunity to gather as much information about you and your health/wellness goals.
  • Fill out a health history, symptom survey, personal questionnaire.
  • Experience a food sensitivity scan, utilizing our non-invasive QEST4 system that will allow us to bioenergetically analyze various systems of the body, and review a list of the foods that may be causing you weakness or stress.
  • Provide a small sample of hair for mineral analysis which measures the levels of 21 minerals, toxic metals and so much more.
  • And finally, we review a report of findings with you, which is a complete report with a plan of action compiling all the information gathered at the initial consultation.

Follow-up visits:

Follow-up visits are 30 minutes long and can be done in-person or by phone or internet, and are pay-per-visit. We also offer pay-per-visit packages.

During a follow up visit, we continue to look at all aspects of health and wellness; mentally, physically and spirituality. We continue to monitor your goals, the supplement program, talk about the successes or struggles as well as learn about food in all aspects. A grocery shopping tour is available if you are interested; many clients find it surprisingly informative. Food diaries are a big part of the program and a must. Our goal is to help you understand the good, the bad and the ugly of food and to empower you to make better choices in your future.

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