Fertility issues make conceiving feel like an impossible task.

As a Nutritionist in Delafield, WI, we want to find the best natural treatment that will promote a healthy fertile body.

Holistic Fertility Treatment

You’ve been trying for months or maybe years and feel as if you have tried just about everything known to man.

Your feeling hopeless, discouraged and lost.

It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions! You try to bring yourself to go to friends’ baby showers and kids parties and tend to leave early. That is if you were even able to talk yourself into going.

You can’t seem to think of anything other than getting pregnant, which means you are often distracted at work.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way.

At Nourishing Wellness, we have been helping couples get pregnant. The goal is to uncover the underlying cause of fertility issues and begin addressing them through a variety of natural fertility treatments.

Far too often, our lifestyles are the leading cause - the foods we eat, the foods we don’t eat, level of stress, depression, anxiety, our activity level, and overall health contribute to infertility problems.

Thankfully these are all correctable issues through holistic healing.

The goal is to bring your hormone levels back to normal without using medications that can be harmful to your body. In order to do this, we’ll need to identify the imbalances in your body and lifestyle that are contributing to this - assessing your hormones and nutrient levels and developing a plan that will encourage optimal fertility.

What Exactly is Holistic Fertility Treatment?

Holistic fertility treatment is an approach to infertility issues to both males and females that encompasses your mind, spirit, body, emotions, and lifestyle factors into consideration. Working towards the balance of each of these aspects of your life will aid in the best treatment.

The most common forms of infertility treatment include changes to the way you eat, some form of relaxation methods, and an increase in your daily activity.
What you eat directly affects your fertility and will help to determine the best treatment. Often eliminating and adding certain foods to improve your nutrition will improve your chances of conceiving. Maintaining a healthy body weight will also help, so losing weight or gaining weight will also help to restore hormone levels.

Stress causes infertility issues, and through yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, you can reduce and manage your stress.

What is the Difference Between a Holistic Fertility Clinic and "Regular" Fertility Clinics?

We approach things from a natural perspective creating a healthy body to promote fertility for a healthy baby. Whereas, fertility clinics believe in medications and surgical procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). There’s nothing wrong with this method, and often fertility naturopath will prepare your body for these procedures and increase your chances of them working great.

There are many causes of infertility, and uncovering the cause is necessary to find the best infertility treatment so you can finally conceive.

If you are looking for safe and effective infertility treatments, give us a call today. We want to find the best natural treatment that will promote a healthy fertile body, whether you are a male or female.

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