Exercise Starts in the Kitchen

With this month’s theme about “Shedding”, the balanced rocks pic couldn’t depict the “magic pill” or “secret” for creating the change for “shedding” more than anything else I could think of.  I just read a great article in this past month of Paleo Magazine about designing workouts if weight loss is the primary goal, written by the owner of a personal trainer facility in California… and the response was…”Avoid selecting exercises based on a weight-loss goal, because the vast majority of weight loss is actually achieved in the kitchen!”  I loved it!  He went on to recommend “doing the workouts that you enjoy the most; this approach will be more likely to motivate you to do them regularly, and consistency of habits is key when it comes to health.”  Wow….so you have heard it from a fitness expert to me, the nutritionist/wellness coach.

The balancing of the rocks made me think of the whole process in general; we need balance in all aspects of our health and wellness.  To focus on just losing weight without looking at food, sleep, exercise, spirit, emotions and the physical body; losing weight isn’t going to happen.  We also need to get accountable for all of these areas as well; we can’t blame anything outside of each of these areas until we have really explored and spent time cleaning things up…..did I hear spring cleaning?

Willingness to change is important as well; we need some action in order for change to occur.  I hear stories that keep people from creating the change that they want in their lives and they typically don’t even hear what they are saying.  This awareness alone can be life changing in many ways!

“… the vast majority of weight loss is actually achieved in the kitchen!”

To elaborate on each of these areas a little further:

Food:  Are the the foods clean, nutritious?  What are your portions?  Are you digesting well?  Eliminating?  Processed Foods?  Supplements to the diet?  Are they geared for what your body needs?  Minerals?  Nourishing Wellness takes you on a very informative journey with food and creates a supplement program that is specific to what your body needs.

Sleep:  This is a vicious cycle and if you are not sleeping, you are not healing or repairing and that goes on every day, month after month, year after year; not even taking into account when burning the candle at both ends….how do we expect our bodies to function with just this one aspect?  Adrenal burnout?

Exercise:  Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, it should be enjoyed and we don’t have to be a gym rat in order to get good exercise in your life.  The other question, are you getting any exercise?

Spirit:  Do you take time out of your busy schedule?  Maybe to meditate, journal or just be?  Have you created roadblocks to your own desires?  Have you settled in an area that needs to change?

Emotions:  I can’t tell you how many times that I hear how stressed everyone is; why?  Why is that ok?  What is stressing you out?  How about awareness to stress or other emotions?  Both myself and Jamie are Emotional Empowerment Coaches.

Physical:  Are there symptoms that you are ignoring?  Shutting them down, covering them up?  Medications?  Over -the-counter products, medications?  Many products and/or medications can actually deplete our body.  What’s going on underneath all those symptoms? Hint….this is where Nourishing Wellness shines with going down the “rabbit hole” of one’s symptoms; getting to the core of the problems.  Get support with finding out what is truly going on.

I call all of this “getting back to basics”.  I am not perfect by any means and I don’t live in a bubble, I fall off or get out of whack just like everyone else, but when I do….I know what I need to do.  I invite you as well, to look at each of these areas.  Give Nourishing Wellness a call to help you, guide you and support your journey to a better you.

The time is now, the wait is over to start shedding your weight!

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