10 Simple Starts to Living a Healthier You and Creating a Healthier Earth

In honor of Earth Day

10 simple starts to living a healthier you AND creating a healthier Earth

  1. Add plants to your home- Plants help to purify the air
  2. Choose local, organic produce when possible- attend your farmers markets and find a  local farmer near you
  3. Start looking at your cleaning products- swap them out for brands like seventh generation, full circle, Dr. Bonner’s or make your own
  4. Open your windows. Even at night, keep a window cracked at all times. The fresh air will help you sleep!
  5. Go for a walk/hike. And pick up any garbage while you’re out.
  6. Buy yourself a stainless-steel water jug…. stop using plastic bottles 1) the landfills 2) absorbing the chemicals from the plastic
  7. Skip the plastic bags when shopping and swap it for your own reusable tote bags
  8. Take your shoes off and walk around barefoot in the grass – grounding…fight stress and boost your immune system
  9. Save your glass Kombucha/Kevita Bottles- reuse them for broth, water or make your own Kombucha and refill into the bottles
  10. Unplug anything you’re not using…Not only saves on electricity but limits the unnecessary EMF’s exposure (cell phone chargers, computer, TV, microwave)

Breathe, take a walk, and treasure our fantastic planet.

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